Vehicle Detailing & Valeting - Newbury & Thatcham

Pure Water Detailing are based in Newbury, Berkshire and cover an area in and around Newbury and Thatcham. Our mobile detailing team have many years of experience valeting and detailing vehicles of all types, especially classic and prestige cars.

Detailing is the most intensive service available for your car. This specialist work is able to correct damage which is commonly acquired through daily car use and through inferior car washing processes.


This work is what we are renound for and is not a quick job, sometimes it may take one full day and sometimes two. We use specialist equipment and compounds with all our detailing services  We can visit you and complete the job but would need cover.



Why choose us?

Besides our aim to deliver a great finish with great service, we have one stand out feature that separates us from our competitors, our use of a pure water system when rinsing your vehicle. But what is a ‘pure water system’?

Pure Water Technology

This method of rinsing utilises a 5 stage water treatment system that delivers 100% pure water to the vehicle. It consists of a reverse osmosis unit and a mixed bed de-mineralising resin that ensures 100% pure water. The nature of de-mineralised water is to try to return to its natural state by actively retaining any dirt, chemicals and minerals it comes across. During the rinsing process no detergents or chemicals are used, the process is environmentally friendly, therefore no soapy residues or smears that attract fresh dirt back on to the vehicle. In fact, your car can stay cleaner for longer.

We believe this system provides our clients with a safer, eco-friendlier service that helps preserve and protect their vehicles for longer.


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